Vidal Blanc Wine Information

Vidal Blanc, which is often just referred to as “Vidal”, is a white wine grape grown primarily in Canada and Northeastern US. The Vidal grape is a French hybrid, meaning it was “created” by pairing two different grape parents.

In the case of vidal blanc, the varietal was created from the parents Seibel and Ugni Blanc. Note that ugni blanc is also known as trebbiano, and is a white grape used in Chianti blending.

Vidal Blanc is best known for the hardiness of the vines, and does well in locations that are too cold for “well known” grape varieties.

Vidal blanc is mainly used to produce some quite tasty sweet late-harvest wines. Being able to survive colder weather Vidal can even be used to create ice wines, which often have a tangerine and apricot flavor.