Mead Wine Information

Mead is a honey wine, considered by many to be the first alcoholic beverage ever created, predating both beer and grape wine. It was well known to the Greeks and Romans. The Romans called mead 'ambrosia' and they felt that it had been sent to them by the gods.

Mead is perhaps best known as the drink of the Vikings and Celts. Norse warriors believed they would find women with mead in the afterlife of Valhalla. For these reasons, Mead is beloved by reenactors everywhere as an authentic drink of the medieval times.

There are various styles of Mead, With some of the most popular being:

Melomel:(Mead with fruit juices and spices)

Cyser: Mead with apples or added grape juice

Sack: Extra-honey meads

Hippocras: Mead with spices and grape juice

Metheglin: Mead with cinnamon, cloves, or other spices

Pyment: Mead with added grape juice

Traditional: simply water, honey, and yeast

Mead is generally a fruity, light drink that is light yellow in color. It does not age well and should be drunk soon after purchase.

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