Macon Wine Information

Macon Region Burgundy Region Macon is the name for the white and red wines which come from the Maconnais district of Burgundy, France. This district got it's name from the town of Macon. Although it is historically most famous for it's red wines, Maconnais is now best known for it's Chardonnay's. This region is the largest, and also the most southerly in Burgundy.

Macon wines come from all over Maconnais and are representative of a particular style and quality, rather than a particular terroir.

Pouilly Fuisse is the most highly regarded area in the Maconnais region. Only Chardonnay grapes can be grown here and at only around 2,100 acres yield is low. They are normally aged in the barrel for a year and can be aged in the bottle for up to a few years before drinking.

White wines labelled and sold under the Macon appellation are made exclusively using the Chardonnay grape. Red and Rose wines must be made from either the Pinot Noir or Gamay grape.

Macon Wine History

Macon was a major crossroads in Roman times, and grapes are thought to have been brought by the Romans, but may have been already cultivated by the Celts. Viticulture was further encouraged by local religious foundations for the production of wines. The ancient bishopric of Macon, also known as the ancient diocese of Macon, was located in the village and shaped much of its early history since its inception in the 530s.

Macon Wine Region

The Macon appellation is divided into a number of sub-appellations, namely Macon, Macon Village, Pouilly Fuisse, Pouilly Loche, Pouilly Vinzele and Saint Veran.

Macon is the basic appelation and can be used for red, white and rose wines from within the communes of Macone administrative district plus 11 nearby communes.

Macon Village named labelled wines can be produced in Burgy, Bray, Aze, Bussieres, Chaintre, Charnay-les-Macon, Chardonnay, Cruzille, Saint-Gengoux-le-National, Fuisse, Ige, Macon Loche, Lugny, Milly-Lamartine, Mancey, Montbellet, Pierreclos, Peronne, Prisse, La Roche-Vineuse, Davaye,Solutre-Pouilly, Vinzelles, Vergisson, Verze, and Uchizy.

Pouilly Fuisse is a white wine appellation with the 2 junior partners Pouilly-Vinzelles and Pouilly-Loche. Bottle of Macon Villages wine Saint Veran is a white wine appellation covering most of the Chardonnay vineyards that used to make white Beaujolais in the commune of Saint-Verand.

Maconnas is a continental climate, which usually has warm or hot summers. Generally the summer months are warm and dry, with rainfall averaging 6 cm per month in July and August. Soils within the region are mainly alkaline rich clay.

Macon Wine Tasting Notes

Macon white wines tend to be light and fruity, they pair well with poultry and seafood dishes. The red wines are light to medium bodied and fruity, they go well with mild cheeses and light red meat dishes.