Gavi Wine Information

Gavi Wine  Gavi, sometimes known as Cortese di Gavi, is a wine produced in a restricted area of the Province of Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy. In order to be labelled Gavi the wine must be produced in the DOCG area, using 100% Cortese grape. The name of this Denomination of Origin comes from the town of Gavi which lies at the centre of the wines production zone.

Gavi Wine History

Wine has been grown in the Gavi district for centuries. In 1876 Marquis Cambbiaso, owner of the Toledana and Centuriona estates plated the first large scale vineyards dedicated to the Cortese grape variety. As the popularity of the wines produced using these grapes grew other vineyards in the area started planting the Cortese variety. Gavi wines reputation grew not only in Italy, but also in France, South America, Germany and Switzerland and in 1974 Gavi achieved DOC status. This status was upgraded to DOCG in 1998 to help the area consolidate it's international prestige and to help ensure and improve the quality of the wines carrying this label.

Gavi Wine Region

Under the DOCG regulations the production of Cortese di Gavi is restricted to the area formed by the following towns: Bosio, Novi Ligure, Carrosio, Francavilla Bisio, Gavi, Capriata d'Orba, Parodi Ligure, Pasturana, San Cristoforo, Tassarolo, and Serravalle Scrivia. The soils within this region are rich in minerals which is reflected in the character of the wines produced. Gavi Vineyard

Gavi Wine Tasting Notes

Gavi is noted for it's bone dry character. The wine is crisp with fresh acidity and a subtle flinty flavor. Gavi is distinctly fruit driven with hints of almond on the finish. The aroma is floral often displaying lemon, green apple, honeydew and white flowers. These wines are best enjoyed with fresh seafood dishes.