Est Est Est Wine Information

Est Est Est is a wine region, and a wine, created in Montefiascone, north of Romae, Italy, around the 'Lago di Bolsena' (Lake Bolsena). This white wine is made from malvasia and trebbiano grapes and received DOC status in 1966. The wine must contain at least 65% Trebbiano, 20% Malvasia Bianco and 15% Rosetto. It's a lighter style semi-sweet wine with a small amount of effervescence and mild, fruity flavors.

Est Est Est Wine History

Est Est Est wine According to legend around the year 1083, a German bishop by the name of Johann Fugger was travelling with German King Henry V to Rome, where Henry was to be crowned as Roman Emperor. On his travels Fugger would send his servant ahead to sample the local wines. If he found quality wines he would write Est, which translated means “Its on” on the inn door to let Johann know the wines were good. When the servant reached the village of Montefiascone he was so impressed with the wines there that he wrote Est Est Est on the door. The bishop was so taken with the wine that he returned to the area and lived out the rest of his life. The legend grew, and the wine became known as Est Est Est di Montesfiascone.

Est Est Est Wine Region

Est Est Est di Montefiascone is produced from the grapes grown within the 400ha (1,000acres) in and around Montefiascone which lies in the Latium Region, Northwest of Rome near lake Bolsena. The soil within this DOC region are volcanic and the average elevation is 1640 feet.

Est Est Est Wine Tasting Notes

Est Est Est di Montesfiascone can be produced in dry or sweet styles, depending on the winemakers methods. Pale straw in color these wines tend to to have fresh aromas of ripe apple and blossoms, medium acidity, and a clean crisp finish. Est Est Est pairs well with seafood dishes.