Cinsault Wine Information

Cinsault Grapes  The grape type cinsault, also spelled cinsaut, is planted primarily in South Africa and France but can be found in a few other wine growing regions as well. Very Few people drink Cinsault as a varietal - it is typically used as a blending wine to add flavor to other wine types to give them a mellow, fruity flavor. Cinsault is often used as a blend in Rose wines.

Cinsault Wine History

Not very much is known about the origins of the Cinsault grape. It is thought to be an ancient grape variety that may have originated in the Herault, others say it may have been brought by traders from the eastern Mediterranean.

Cinsault has been growing for centuries in Southern France. It came to the United States in the mid 1800s. Cinsault is also planted in Australia, Italy, South Africa Morocco and Lebanon.

Cinsault Wine Regions

Cinsault can be found growing in Algeria, Australia, France, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, South Africa and the United States. The vines are drought resistant and will grow in a wide variety of soil types. Cinsault Vine In France Cinsault is the fourth most widely planted grape variety, and is used to blend with various other grape types.

Cinsault Wine Tasting Notes

You will be hard pressed to find a Varietal Cinsault wine, as this grape is almost exclusively used to blend with other grape types. This grape produces a dark wine, low in tannins that tend to be spicy and slightly perfumed.