Chancellor Wine Information

Chancellor is a hybrid red grape that was created in the 1800s by Albert Siebel. Once extensively grown in France this grape now calls the United States and Canada it's home. Chancellor is often used as a blend with other wines, but has gained a little popularity as a varietal and produces rich bodied, tannic wines.

Chancellor is a highly productive vine that grows well in the cooler climates of the Northern United States and Canada. One of the drawbacks with this variety is that is susceptible to Powdery and Downy mildew.

Chancellor Wine History

Chancellor was first created in 1860 by Albert Siebel, and is also known as Seibel 7053. It is a cross between Seibel 5163 and Seibel 880.

This grape was once extensively grown in France, but is now mainly found in the United States and Canada. Chancellor Wine

Chancellor Wine Regions

Chancellor grows well in cooler regions and can be found all over the Eastern United States and in Canada.

Chancellor Wine Tasting Notes

Although it is not well known nowadays as a varietal wine, mainly being used as a blend for other wines, Chancellor grapes can produce a rich bodied wine high in tannins. They tend to exhibit plum and wood characteristics. This wine pairs well with grilled meat like lamb, venison or even a good old fashioned flame grilled burger.