Baco Noir Wine Information

Baco Noir Grape Vine  Baco Noir is a American/French hybrid grape variety that is produced as red wine in Canada and the Northeastern United States. Ontario, in particular, has experienced considerable success with the variety, as have vineyards further South in New York State.

French grape breeder Francois Baco first produced Baco Noir back in 1894 when he crossed Folle Blanche with an unknown variety of Vitas Riparia.

Baco Noir handles highly acid soils and is fairly resistant to powdery mildew, downy mildew and black rot, which makes it very suited for growth in the Eastern US.

Baco noir produces a deeply tinted, medium body, acidic red wine which and often carries aromas of caramel and black fruits. Ageing potential for this wine type is typically is 5 to 8 years.

Baco Noir History

Baco Noir was first developed back in 1894 by French grape breeder Francois Baco when he crossed Folle Blanche (a French wine grape) with and unknown grape indigenous to North America.

At one time Baco Noir was widely grown throughout France, but with the introduction of European Union regulations which restrict the use of hybrid grape varieties it is no longer grown there in any large commercial volumes. In 1951 Baco Noir was brought to the cooler growing regions of the United States such as New York, Wisconsin and Oregon. From these regions it spread North, arriving in Canada in 1955.

Baco Noir Regions

Hudson-Chatham Baco Noir Due to its hardy nature and resistance to cold and poor soil conditions Baco Noir can be found growing in commercial volumes in the Northern US states. Being a hardy cold resistant vine these grapes are especially suited to growing in the Great Lakes regions of North America that are noted for having difficult heavy soil conditions and long cold winters. Baco Noir is grown extensively throughout Canada.

Baco Noir Tasting Notes

Baco Noir produces rich, highly pigmented red wines with pronounced acidity, that tend to be fruity and low in tannins. Baco Noir pairs well with barbecued meats such as ribs, it also goes well with rich tomato sauce based dishes.