New South Wales

The Hunter Valley is the great, historical driving force on the wine business in this region. Lengthy famed for its superlative and long-lived Semillon wines, Hunter Valley is often a hot and humid location, just a simple day trip from Sydney. Best names of your Hunter include things like Tyrell's, Brokenwood, Evans Family, Rothbury and Lindemans. The region also produces fine Shiraz and Chardonnay.

Riverina is an irrigated, bulk production engine-room for Australia's large brands and supermarket plonk, growing a bewildering range of grapes. Some estates are starting to generate altogether extra serious Riverina wines, taking a lead from de Bortoli, whose famous “Noble One” sweet wine comes from here.

Miranda and McWilliams both produce pretty superior botrytis wines from Riverina.

Mudgee and newer areas nearby like Cowra and Orange are generating some terrific stuff. Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz dominate once again in Mudgee, from producers like Huntington and Wyndham. Cowra Chardonnays are exciting, from Brokenwood, Rothbury and Cowra Estate.